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make your own phone case iphone 5c

This is remarkably high quality and the color is really beautiful! I get compliments all the time and I am amazed how thin it stays even when every slot is filled.
They let in the perfect amount of light everything is so clear with these glasses they are lightweight and a grip on to your head just enough but 2 big issues are the frames let in light because they are so light and the polarize letters are visible while wearing the glasses. The price was still very good for Oakley so i will not be returning them.
The treads are coming off immediately
Girlfriend broke up with me a week after i gave her this, must be the product
Good fit!
I have spent many moons fruitlessly searching for a pair of workout leggings that would truly stay up without adjusting throughout all of my various jumps, squats and downward dogs, and these were my latest attempt at obtaining perfection. I wore these leggings through all of my various workout routines (cardio, weight lifting, MMA, HIIT training and yoga) as well as around my house and out & about.

These pants are great for any workouts where you're standing upright the entire time: think walking, running, cardio in general, weight lifting, or even mixed martial arts. They stay put for squats and lunges and have a nice elasticity to them that gives me a full range of motion. They also made great leggings for day trips and errands and I plan to wear multiple pairs on my trip to Disneyworld in February.

Where these pants failed me were the workouts that involved a lot of bending at the waist. I carry the most weight in my butt and lower belly, so when I bend over there's a LOT moving around. If I attempted to hold a plank or do a burpee, the waistband rolled further down on my tummy and I had to pull it back up over and over. The compression aspect of these leggings also means they are not ideal to lounge in.

To summarize, these pants are great for any kind of standing workout or for wearing on an everyday basis, but I would go elsewhere for workouts involving a lot of bending over or for comfy loungewear. As far as sizing goes, the XXL fit my size 16, bottom-heavy frame snugly but comfortably.
Still fits, but larger than expected.
They fit well.
So cute! Bought it for one of my bridesmaids and I can't wait until she sees it.
I saw my friend looking at these the other week and thought Id surprise her by buying it for her. She absolutely loves them and wears them all the time! Great buy :)
Really like the feeling if the belt, solid and smooth, not too glossy. The buckle looks awesome, so I can't complain about it, better than I expected. Also comes in a box and a bag to preserve the belt.
I mean one of the items were bent, but it was the one I had no interest for anyways.
I thought some of the items were going to be tiny, but no! They are bigger! Even better! (Even though the Medallions would have been cuter smaller)
Yes the box is just cardboard, but the items are indeed metal! They all seem well made.
I don't know how well the coloring will last but I have to say,
This is actually well done.
I need to order another one for friends!
Love this bracelet! So pretty, thank you!
These seem to fit pretty well, maybe just a little large... I wear these for work all day and they feel fine, my feet don't get overheated in boots and they haven't shown signs of wear yet after about 10 washings.
Purchase this belt on amazon, wore it ones and the belt lost it's color and got stretched out, I will purchase a regular belt and keep the buckle!
Great value for the price.
The box had tried soy sauce all over it and I wore them 1 time and there scratched already. Wouldnt recommend
Impossible to get on. Irritatingly difficult to get on. I bought these for a specific outfit for a trip and and am now leaving very disappointed because the earrings are nearly impossible to secure. The one I was able to secure of comfortable and light but who knows if Ill be able to remove it plus the other one I cant manage to get secured. The one I did get closed was only after lots and lots of pulling and feeling like I might break the very stiff but very small clasp. My ears are now red and tender from all the yanking while attempting to secure them.
The box was damaged and contents inside was damaged
Great for sweaters
All earrings were as expected. They are nice looking and sparkle.
Nice pants
great product
great deal!
Great leather purse. Love the credit card holder on the outside and the assortment of pockets. Unzippered pocket is great to slide phone into. I have a black one and a brown one. Wish they came in more colors ... I would love to get a blue one.
Husband says they are very comfortable........Wishes they also had a taller sock for his winter boots !!!
The recipient loves these socks.
Love this wallet. It's sleek and slim, not bulky.
These shirt stays are, especially considering the price, absolutely incredible. Shirt stays, period, are a great investment that keeps you from having to endure the day-long struggle of retucking your shirt every time you stand up, stretch your arms, or have to lean over. It also simply makes your shirts look better fitted, and near-completely eliminates the dreaded muffin top. I cannot imagine going back to not wearing them.

These in particular are excellent. The elastic is sturdy, the adjuster is fairly easy to use, and the clips are strong without destroying your shirt and socks in the process. I particularly like the clips in comparison to the other common style of fastener seen on shirt stays, which uses the little hook and button you pin your shirt between. Clips are easier on the fabric and faster to put on. Plus, they'll work on thicker shirts like corduroy. As compared to shirt stays from someplace like KKandJay, these are significantly cheaper, albeit without so many choices of colors or patterns. When these inevitably wear out in a few years, I will be returning to purchase this product again.