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Bought this because I like the small size of the wallet. I don't have a lot of credit card and don't carry a lot of cash so it should fit me nicely. First of, the quality is great. The faux leather feels good in the hand and everything works the way it should. As for the function of the wallet, it meets my expectation. I have 2 credit cards and a debit card so all the slots were filled up. My driver license on the other side is a convenient way to show your ID without having to take it out from a wallet. When all slots are occupied, you can expect to have a hard time getting any of the card or driver license out. Not extremely difficult, but not at all easy. I think with time and usage, it will be looser. While I don't carry a lot of cash, it can be problematic for people who carry a lot as it exposes to the willful eyes of wannabe thieves. Again, not a problem for me. Max I would carry is $40. Now for my two minor complaints. The inner pocket, if you have all the slots filled up, will leave you with little room for anything. I used it to keep 1 or two receipts, but it is too small for me to put money or other things in there. My second complaint is that the magnet is too strong. While it is great to hold many bills, it never failed me with 15 bills, it demagnetized my hotel key twice. Once while I have the key in my pocket with the wallet inside also. The other time, I put it on the driver license place away from the magnet, and still the room key get demagnetized. Guess we can't have everything. I do miss my old bi-folded wallet as it holds a lot of things, mainly junks. You conform to what you have. I will manage with this money clip, wallet just fine.
Bought one for my son and one for my hubby. They love it!
fits well
This was a gift and very well received.
Super cute for our flowers girls
Whatever your size is, I would highly recommend a size up! The shirt is fantastic and fits nice after shrinking, but regardless of what the seller says, I put all 6 shirts through a washing cycle and they shrunk.

I usually wear a large (I am 63 , 170lbs), I ordered an XL (too big while initially trying on), put them into my washer on hot water, and dried on medium heat. Fits perfectly like a large now.
Thought they were lighter. Heavy cotton. Little snug for 3xl.
These are great for people that can't deal with light coming from the side
The lenses aren't as reflective as pictured, definitely a staged or slightly doctored photo, but they are mirror-like. It comes with a nice soft bag and a hard case, small tool set, and lens cleaning cloth. They fit well, would recommend.
Great quality for a great price! Very timely service!
I really like the fabric and the look of the bag. It is a little bit small for me but probably would be fine for someone whoo doesnt carry much. Be aware a larger phone will not fit in the bag. Any iPhone plus will not fit.
Good quality
Super nice glass. Perfect to use in Miami
I love this necklace when I saw it in the picture. The stones are reflecting a little light so I knew they must be polished and pretty. When I received the package I found the stones are not polished. Also there's a dramatically difference between the stones that I received and the ones in the picture. I would have kept them at the stones will polished but they're not and the necklaces not pretty.
Nice looking shirts well-made worth the purchase
I absolutely love it. Ty
Best wallet Ive ever owned. Was pretty skeptical about a smaller wallet but this one had been great
Very good product
I like the shirts as long as they don't shrink.
Nice. Fits her well. But no padding at all.
the pockets stick out on these shorts. they don't lay flat like other athletic shorts
If you are used to good quality purses, dont buy this. Purse looks cute but feels very cheap. You get what you pay for. The first thing I noticed was the lining feels like paper. I was happy to keep it and carry it anyway, but on the second day, the bow embellishment fell off somewhere. Oh well. I learned a lesson.
Great. My go to running socks.
I liked all the zippered compartments. Although a little smaller than I liked, it still fit quite a few things than I thought it would. Nice long adjustable strap.
Great for the price!!!
The Comfort Click Belt is wonderful. It is the best belt ever. My husband really likes it.
These shorts are great. They are soft and comfortable enough to wear all day. I have a ~33 inch waist and got a medium. It fit perfectly. The material is fairly thin, so you may get some looks while wearing these. Lighter colors may become see through when wet. There is a significant bulge visible and it is also very visible when your parts are bouncing around during exercise. If you are comfortable with showing yourself off, these are the shorts. If you are shy about your appearance, try boardshorts instead
This tshirts are great for working out!
I got this during the COVID pandemic and I wanted to get something that was confortable etc.. this are good!
Horribly made!! The inside of these socks are full of loose threads that bunch up and or grab your toe nails when you put them on.
It's OK says it all. If you buy get a larger size than you normally wear.I RESERVE MAKING A RECOMMEDATION.