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canvas of my dog

Grandsons love the fit and comfortable cotton socks.
i exchanged for the zippered one though.
these are just as nice as the expensive brands.....
Perfect size size and length of strap. I would describe it as boho gypsy saddle bag. Love it!
I love the color and it's so soft! Holds almost all of my stuff.
As expecteed
nice looking belt
i really like that you can cut it to size
Wore this one pair ONCE. While putting them on for the second time, they ripped!
Only drawback is the band at the top can fold over throughout the day and if it's not something you're used to (coming from boxers) it can be a little irritating by the end of the day. But great moisture wicking and very comfortable.
It is very easy to assemble. Pretty nice way to organize your keys. As a guy, it keeps the keys from poking you in your pocket. If you use custom color keys then it also helps to keep track of what keys are for which locks. Pretty good gift for white elephant since everyone loves these things. If you have a ton of keys though then it will not fit and becomes quite bulky. Great for someone with 3-6 keys. If you have 1-2 keys then probably won't need this thing.
First wash, both pairs shrunk
Love it a lot of space and room For cards in the wallet which is perfect for me...only thing is that the ID Part be hard to take out from the wallet
Easy to use. Quality product.
Nice looking but too heavy. They made earlobes sag too much.
I love them so much that I will be ordering them again in the future.
A little bit too light
Gave it to my little sister as she is old enough to lug around her own things she likes it but we've only had it for a week will update if it breaks
Perfect I needed this for my uniform since it's a little transparent and I don't like showing my regular underware haha
Nice quality, good color, nice size, not too bulky.
Great product. Fitted everything I need in the wallet.
Great pair of boxer briefs. Fits well and doesn't ride up like some. Washed a couple times now and it has warped in shape. I've had a few other brands (fruit of the loom, Joe boxer) and they seem to get stretched or fade after a wash or two. These so far have held up.
Good sunglasses for the price.
Highly recommend these. Great quality and excellent customer service when I've had problems in the past.
Just got this in the mail and love it. I have a similar one with large beads and they can dig into my wrist while writing/typing so I was looking for one with smaller beads and this one feels and looks great. Loops around 3 times no problem. And I love the smell of the leather! The only thing I dont love is the extra rope. I have super small wrists so the tightest loop works perfect, Im just hesitant to cut the rest off cause I dont want it to come unknotted. I have it looped around now so they extra isnt hanging off. Ill probably wear it like that for awhile and then decide whether to cut the extra off or not.

UPDATE: I just ended it cutting the extra off. Feels and looks much better. Love this bracelet!
Comfortable quality fabric.
Love the quality and super fast delivery.
very good .
Cotton nice