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I really like this wallet. I am coming from a traditional thick bifold wallet. This wallet fits everything I want to carry with room to spare and is thin enough to carry in either front or back pocket without feeling obtrusive. My only complaint is that the color I ordered, crazy horse khaki, looks nothing like the online pictures. It is not even close. It is much lighter and much less brown. I will probably order the crazy horse coffee and send this one back.
I like the fact that it is not made by Nike.
CK quality and fit, swear by these bad boys every time. Plus they last practically forever.
Quality sock, great service from the supplier. Will buy again
I have a 46" to 48" waist, if I buy regular big and tall jeans, there is way too much leg and they appear baggy and sloppy.
I bought these in hopes that instead of a "Relaxed" or something roomy, I could get the waist I needed without the baggy leg and butt I don't need.
I opened up the package and to my suprise the jeans were stretchy! Women's pants like stretchy.
Thanks but no thanks, I'll be returning these.
Beware!!, there is nothing in the description stating they were a stretch material!!
Outstanding Ray Ban quality and fit. Just the best fit for me.
The hat was a little larger than I would have liked. My daughter who has long hair loves how it fits her.
The sleeve wrist bands are way too large for an extra large shirt, they do not wrap around the wrist snug enough
unless your a Wisconsin line man plus 300 lbs the tee's collar will be loose. It requires double stitching. Reminds me of the commercial with the guy on a date and the girl can not take her eyes off the wrinkly tee shirt and saggy collar of the guy. Amazon should show picture of collar stitching
Really like the quality and it fits a lot including my I phone plus
Such a great variety! They even came with a bag of extra backs!
While these are the same model (W1847 basic non-polarized grey lenses), and look as though they came out of the same mold, these aren't the same quality as the pair I already owned. The pair these are replacing have gone a lot of places, seen very active duty, other than the lenses are still in great shape (they have been dropped countless times on pavement/concrete/etc), and have lasted over 15 years. While this new pair look just as nice aesthetically, I have no confidence that they will last half as long as the old ones. I may just end up replacing the lenses in the old frame.
Look nice. Rubber nose piece falls off
Good quality - ok fit
Very thin sock, you really have to take your time putting them on I had two pair rip on me.
My granddaughter loved them
Me agrad el producto
look great lots of compliments
Great fit and very comfortable
Not sure this is real leather.
I bought these as a gift and they are perfect...The only thing is I thought that the frames would be a little thicker metal. But I believe this gift will be greatly loved.
Wrong glasses not even close!!! Beyond disappointed!!!!!!!
No es lo que yo esperaba.
Exactly as described, but they're just too big for my face. I wouldn't recommend them for anyone who has a smaller, narrow face.
This purse is super cute, comes with two different shoulder straps, and I get a lot of compliments on it. However, the shoulder strap constantly slides off of my shoulder, no matter which one I use.
Follow up from the Ladies Frogg Toggs:
Just like the version for the ladies, this men's version is in an attractive sage green color. I purchased the XL which was plenty big for my husband who is 6'0 and an extra large in regular clothing. He has used them several times now and again it held up nicely through wind and rain. The Velcro on the ankles again could be better improved for a tighter and more secure way to keep moisture but overall we are pleased with this purchase! A great buy!
My wife really likes this wallet.
I was delayed this year in getting my holiday gifts. I was thrilled when I ordered this for my son and received it really fast.
The product was chosen by my son and he was very satisfied with the ski mask. He will use it to layer up under his bike helmet. The slim fit was perfect.
Could not stretch them over my sock puller. So how would they stretch over my foot they were not for x large feet !
Thinner than expected but looks nice. Good Christmas gift for the lil bro