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design own cell phone case

I bought them as a gift and they were as described!
Love the size and beautiful color. Im hoping to use this purse for years!
It is small in size but for me I love small bags.
nothing like fruit of the loom
Bought this for my boyfriend and he really likes it. It's holds a lot of stuff and still manages to be slim. The spot for his license is at I'll little tight (I've seen other reviews mentioning that.) But it is leather so i espect it will loosen up a bit after he uses it a few times. We are both very happy with it.
This is a review for the Wallets for men Bifold Wallets - Rfid day wallets for men Slim wallet leather wallet.

My husband has been carrying around the same old wallet for years to the point he even has a rubber band around it. (Think George Costanza from Seinfeld.) Needless to say, I was looking forward to giving this one a try and then convincing him to use it. It worked.

This is really a nice wallet. I was surprised how nice the leather felt; very soft and creamy. The wallet itself is extremely lightweight yet it can hold quite a bit.

The wallet has a clear compartment for your drivers license, and room for 9 credit cards. There are three little pouches that are fairly easy to reach but still keep any cards or papers secure. There are also two billfolds.

On the description, it says there are two clear ID slot but we just have the one unless Im misunderstanding what the manufacturer is saying.

All in all, this looks nice, feels nice, and you can pack a lot in it and still have it look okay. However, since I have never purchased products from this company before, if this wallet shows any premature wear and tear or causes any problems, I will come back and edit this review.

Not quite underwear, not quite shorts. Loose and breathable but not too thin material. Comfy. Inexpensive. Perfect.
The sweat-stopper along the forehead is a brilliant invention. My biggest concern with this was heat retention, since I already get pretty warm in a full-face helmet, but it has had a negligible effect on that.
Had to return twice. Still got the wrong color but they do the job.
It's exactly what I wanted in regards to a nice undershirt for my dress clothes. The only problem is that it looks like a dress on me (way too large). usually a medium is just a little baggy on me, and smalls fit snug. I decided to get a medium, and was surprised by how ridiculously big it was. I'll just get a small size next time and it should be fine. So I would just recommend ordering a size smaller than what you usually get.
Cheap thin material. A lot of loose stitching for something brand new. Doesnt seem durable at all. Looks nice but it was made with fashion in mind not actual wear and tear :(
Great sock. Sock is thick, how i wanted
Feels good wearing it all day
Nice cap. Good quality for the price.
Great price!
Very cute and soft
Is way too big.
The hubby likes it very much, only downside, I didnt realize it wasnt FR :(
At least 1-2 inches too big in waist. Stretch maybe? I am returning. Unless you know exactly what you are buying, jeans online are almost impossible.
The watch band broke 35 days after we bought it. The return window is 30 days. Will change the review for a new band or a return.
Fit well, don't slip, fun colors. Wife loves them too, coming back to buy more.
Buena gorra y econmica
Nice quality washes nice to
Love this! I have always wanted a Sterling mood ring and this is better than what I imagined. Very pretty, solid and it works!
Good. Just what I thought theyd be
Bought these for work. Very comfortable. No complaints
Cant beat carhartt
Socks have holes in them. Bad quality
Love it so far