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Great fit. Well made
Great item
Would have kept it if it were a brighter red. I was looking for that color for summer. This red leaned too far toward wine for me. The quality and price were right, only the color led me to return.
Plastic sleeves are cheaply made - I used it for only a week and one of the sleeves ripped.

UPDATE: Lessened stars given because more sleeves are ripping. I need to buy something else to use at this point. This purse was a big waste of my money.
I love this purse. Just the right size inside and fits perfectly crossbody
I was really impressed with the quality and comfort. I recently had lasik eye surgery and my eyes are slightly more sensitive to sunlight and glare, and find myself squinting while wearing my old sunglasses. These were perfect, the 100% UV protection combined with polarization were exactly what I needed. I will likely buy a couple additional pair. Also, very lightweight and comfortable to wear all day long.
The watch is perfect but the foam in the shipping envelope was no match for the kid who opened it. Lol
Nice warm piece of winter clothing.
Im really disappointed in these shorts. The fit is fine but in one pair, after the first washing the elastic waist is not stretchy anymore. Im thinking of returning them.
These earrings were as pretty as expected.
Lens not dark enough. Smooth return. Thanks
Nice belt, well made. Took a bit to get used to, love it now.
Love my wallet! Matches my purse I bought!
Since I am 6 foot 6 I have to order my pants on the internet. First time I used Amazon.
Well I wear 36 x36 they showed up in two days though I didnt pay for that.
The sticker on the side said 36x36 put the size in the pants said 36x30. I sent them back (I have a convenient UPS store) and within 4 days they were at my house with the correct size.
Great service and quick return, and my favorite pants.
I love this purse so much! It is my second one like it. I know a lot of people like bigger purses, but this one is just the right size for me. I love all the zippered compartments, and the purse is so soft--it's perfect!!!
If you are thinking about buying this bag, please reconsider.

I purchased this bag (cognac color) from Nordstrom on November 26, 2015 as a gift for a family member. In considering whether to purchase this bag, I relied heavily on the great reviews on Amazon's website. I received the bag today, and I am quite disappointed in the quality.

The reviews on Amazon led me to think that this bag had soft high quality leather. In reality, the leather isn't soft at all. I have my doubts as to whether this bag is even made with real leather. The leather doesn't feel like or even smell like leather. I knew beforehand that this bag was made in China, but I certainly didn't expect such poor quality. Although the Chinese are able to manufacture high quality products, I wouldn't associate the words "high quality" with this product.

I'm giving this bag two stars based on my subjective opinion. Since I received a functional bag without any visible defects, I don't consider it appropriate to give this bag one star. My complaints concern primarily the material used to construct this bag, which in my opinion does not meet my expectations for a nearly $400 bag.

I highly advise everyone who is considering this bag to take all these positive reviews with a grain of salt. I trusted these reviews, and now I have to go through the hassle of returning this bag. Don't make the same mistake as me.
I was pleasantly surprised to receive the t-shirts with the same quality as any name brands. Why pay more for undergarments?
Very good quality at this price. I bought a total of 5 shirts. A small complaint is: the garment quality differs from shirt to shirt, the quality is good enough for the price though.
Husband says they fit well and are comfy.
Nice size wallet, holds all your cash, cards and coins without being bulky and keeps it all safe.
Best way to keep my head and neck warm in the winter months. Product arrived quickly and was exactly what I was looking for.
It turned out great
Love it
we like them for work are very good have lots of pockets for your items if you have a lot to carry
perfect fit and warm
my favorite shorts ever. I purchased like 6 pairs. and they are cheaper on amazon then if you go to the actual under armour store. would definitely purchase more. for now I have black, 2 different shades of grey, & navy blue.
I love these joggers. They are comfortable, good looking, and fits as expected. Like why should I complain on one of my favorite joggers.
Good shirts, fits as expected.
I was disappointed in this product. It is already falling apart less than one month after purchasing it. It also gets dirty very easily.