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best photo phone case

My son loves it.
I love this shirt. Really boosts confidence!
the plastic "buckle" looks a little cheesy but seems to work well. overall decent for the price.
Me agrado
My face has been suffering for a while
Dry patches, acne and the like.
This cleared it right up.
Becauase this is a glove, it fits over the hand amd allows for total control for how rough you go in problem area and how gentle you are in sensitive areas.

They shrink when wet under warm water and will remain that way if you dont stretch them out as it dries.
I dont think i will have a need to buy more but i will recommend to friends and family.
Thank you so much! I am sorry I forgot to give you feed back.
Your service and my wallet are excellent!
Thank you again. Eric H.
Such a cute choker style necklace. Be sure to store it as you would any dainty jewelry and it is sure to last.
Good quality, good price, as expected.
Can't wear them their so big, but all my other shorts are the same size and fit fine.
I love it, and true to description.
Thankfully, this wallet is a bit larger than its advertised size. It is not for those of you who want a skinny little wallet. But for the rest of us, it has many card slots and a coin section that you can actually get your fingers into. It also has 2 slots for bills. Useful. Because of the extra flap for the additional charge cards, it is a bit thick. I wore out 2 of the old style (minus the extra interior flap) which appears to have been discontinued. I liked the old style a bit more. Nonetheless, this is basically what I needed. A reasonably priced, leather wallet that has an attached coin purse that opens wide enough for a live human to use. It was a good purchase at a reasonable price.
I really like this shirt! Its pretty TTS and you can tell the quality is better than your average shirt.
These fit as expected. I would like the legs 2-3 inches longer.
Nice pair of shades. I am very picky about sunglasses and don't buy or keep sunglasses that hurt my eyes or not polarized lenses.
Great Shirts, the quality is quite great. For about 10 bucks I'm not sure where else I'll get a deal like this.
The only uncomfortable thing about it is the feeling of being scratchy for the black shirt only, probably should wash first before putting it right away otherwise great product.
These are great quality. Comfortable. I get a lot of compliments on these. Would recommend!
Didn't like the feel felt loose
BEAUTIFUL!! and such nice quality. Has several pockets and lots of space. Matches every outfit. If I could give it more than 5 stars I would.
A little too short and not much leg room.
I love how Hanes men's sweatshirts fit on me as a curvy girl, but was hesitant to order men's sweat pants. I was very happy with the relaxed fit and excellent quality.
excellent price for a good product. I gave 4 stars because of the glare I get inside of the glasses when the sun is behind me or shining in through the sides. as long as the sun is in front of you it does very well. looks very good and decent. does not look cheap at all.
Best billfold I have ever purchase
Awesome glasses. Genuine product. Complete Persol accessories included. Case. Cloth. Guarantee. Box. All came with the glasses. Only complaint (if you even want to call it that) was the screws on the bridge were loose but that was easily fixed.
Excellent hat! I wear it all of the time, while birdwatching in the sunshine. Its light, packs flat when not in use, or for travel. It is exactly what I wanted.
Quality fabric
Gave this to a first time daddy for fathers day and he loved it. Worth putting that smile on their face.
great !
Good work socks.
Great but!!!