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custom canvas prints edmonton

I fit was great. The quality was as expected from a Levi Jean Great!!!
Very pretty bracelet! Got as a gift for someone and she LOVED it!!! Glad it looked great and turned out well!
The graphics was okay as expected. These tees wee not meant to last for too long. For the price, I think I got a deal .
Fits well and looks great!
The order came quickly and I am pleased with the purchase.
I purchased the XXL based on the hip measurement but could have worn the XL. Not enough time to exchange. I shortened the pants 4, I am 56. Material is comfortable and didnt shrink when washed and dried.
I'm a 34 waist..So the size chart for this particular underwear says I should get a medium package of underwear. However a medium size is too small for me. Allowing for washing and drying shrinkage, people should go up a size. I got large instead of medium and now they fit great.. I hope Amazon adjusts that size chart before other people have to return their shipments...
part 2 of review.......got the large size packet and unfortunately this product has gone downhill. They sent underwear that is labeled large but it wears like a medium/small and i haven't even allowed for washing and shrinkage yet. What's happened? was such a comfortable fit before.. That's the reason i sought out this brand.. oh well, returning and not buying this brand ever again.....
Fits good. Comfortable.
fits perfectly to my boyfriends body. Hes medium build 60. Great style!
Just as seen in the picture. Good wallet. My husband liked it a lot.
Good fit..
I'm a smaller dude at 5'7" and these things fit great.
The lenses are crystal clear and cut the glare perfectly.
The matte black rubber finish is tight - matches my motorbike and my helmet!
Great quality and appearance. I bought them in 5 different colors and I wear a different one everyday to work. Very comfortable.
I was hoping the cotton in these would prevent the slipping around. :-(
Thin hoodie that i enjoy wearing
It's alright not as hot as the one with roses , I think it's too expensive for a simple black one
I bought one of these sweatshirts at Target a few years ago. I LOVE this sweatshirt and cannot have enough of them. I like it because it is light weight and not overly warm. Just right for my body temp when a shirt is not enough and a jacket is too much. Can you beat the cost...I don't do alot of great reviews but this is a GREAT sweatshirt. I now have 4ea
Great glasses at a fraction of the price of the competitors
very comfortable very easy to use very good quality if only i stop losing them
I love my chakra inspired bracelet. The leather smell didn't bother me at all. I rubbed some healing oil on it and set it on my desk for a few days.
I hope they last as long as my last work shirts
Its extremely hard to take your ID out the slot.
Perfect color. Used this as a gift to my now husband! Wonderful material
Decent value
Its perfect. Thank you so much.
To see through
Kids are happy
Nice quality
The length was way off. Too long. I have noticed this on other brands also that were made outside of the U.S.