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canvas painting hooks

I love the color and I like the quality
Have faded significantly after just a few washes and material has worn thin and has a hole in one pair after just a few wears.
The socks I received had holes in them.
It's lightweight to wear in the hot weather.
Very good product, I loveit, perfect it was all I needed.

Here at Brazil the sun shine a lot, so I need a good sunglass and I find it.
My favorite bath accessory of my entire life. If you have pilaris keratosis, get this. Life changing! You've never been clean like this before!
Exactly as advertised, would buy again
well made, heavy duty and value priced....AAAAA
They look and fit great. This is my first pair of ray-bans and I'm surprised how thin but secure they feel on the face. The packaging came smashed but the case kept the glasses protected.
I use this bag a lot. its a very thin material, but its still a handy bag. My only real complaint is that it hangs soooo low. I tied a knot on the top to help out...but it looks kinda funny
Amazing bag! Saw this exact one in a shop in Germany with a price tag over over 200! Quality materials and design. I get compliments on it everytime I wear it out and the best part, it's heavy enough to knock a rapist on an attacker out cold.
This is a very nice belt. The buckle looks and works great, the belt itself seems to be pretty high quality and the fact that I could cut it down to the appropriate size was a plus.

The only complaint I have is that when I first opened it there was a very strong smell like pine/cedar chips to the belt. That smell has faded as I've worn the belt but still isn't completely gone. I expect in the next couple of weeks it will go away, though.

One thing to keep in mind when trimming the belt down is that there is about a 5 inch section at the end without the buckle before the ratcheting teeth start, so make sure you don't trim it too short to engage.
Ridiculously small
The quality and look of the glasses has always been great. The price is also the best I found. I purchased the 52mm lenses with the G-15XLT color. They are the classes lenses raybans uses, which appear to be tinted a little green, but you don't really notice it, and looks black from a distance.
Bought these for an upcoming snowboarding trip. They arrived as scheduled and are what the seller suggested. Haven't used them in the snow yet but they fit well and look good.
Socks. good socks. been using Hanes for years and as long as the price stays low like this, they are a quality sock for the money.
Not sure how to feel about these socks. The socks only lasted about 9 months before becoming see through around the toes. I dont walk a ton but enough.
Would buy again
Great quality sunglasses for the price. Great looks, they wrap around your eyes tightly and the lightly shaded polarized lenses are great for visibility from dusk til dawn. The frames are a hard plastic material with a satin finish and seem more durable than most metal frames I have owned.

The only reason I took off a star is that they fit tightly around the side of my (normal sized) head. After removing the glasses for after wearing for more than 20 minutes I find that the tops of my ears are fairly sore. Surprisingly they do not hurt when I wear them but begin to immediately after removing them. The discomfort goes away after a minute and really isn't much of a concern. I've tried to bend the frame outward but the material is rigid and retains the original shape (too) well.

Overall great product, will buy again once I scratch/lose this pair!
I bought for my daughter and she is in love with them, they look so expensive also they are very well made, I cannot ask for a better pair of sunglasses than these. Thanks.
Great watch! My daughter loves the colorful display screen.
For the price, the quality is great. The zipper is very smooth. The stitches are even. The bag is very comfortable to wear crossbody. The size is perfect to carry all the essential.
Was for daughter who is huge Harry Potter fan. Was smaller than anticipated, but cute
These can be worn as walking shorts as well as swim trunks. They are comfortable and dry quickly.
A must when driving
perfect. Thank You!!
I like the quality of the leather.
Short are perfect fit and sized correctly.
Need to get more for next year.