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These Hanes boxers are really nice. They fit well around the waistline however could be slightly snug around the thigh area if you have larger hamstrings. Overall, these are really nice and like the smooth thin fabric.
I love my bag, it's the perfect size and a great color
Great fit feels thicker than expected but that should mean they last long right??
I had unfortunately left them on a plane. However, the fit and view from the lenses was absolutely perfect, Build quality was way above average too!
Loved the necklace, was a perfect gift. Good quality for a reasonable price.
No pockets! My husband has decided to keep them and wear them only at home, but not having pockets is a problem.
Makes all the ladies wild for me
Love the earrings, very good looking and the price was right.
Had it for a few weeks now and it's a solid wallet. Lots of pockets. Not too bulky. However it is super smooth can pop out of the back pocket with enough force
Looks great. Very happy. Already withstood being partially chewed by my dog.
Very nice product.
Look more for woman than mens
Great fit and price
Well made! Stands up the wear of the washer and dryer!! Color holds well!!
We got this gift for my boyfriend's daughter for Christmas and she loves it. It's neither too short or too long around her neck.
Fit is just ok. Lengths are fine, but shirt is baggy. Use it for lawn work. Sun protection works as advertised. Stays cool even when blazing hot out.
Love love love them, got several compliments! Thank you so much!!
Product is a gift for my daughter. Cant rate how they fit yet but she's gonna love them!
Nice looking glasses with good coverage of my eyes in strong summer sun of Sacramento. I normally wear prescription lenses but these will work fine for working in my yard or lounging on my deck.. My major concern was getting polarized lenses and decent sturdy frames. For the money spent these are a good value. They also look nice on my big face but I wont be mistaken for Tom Cruise. I would buy these again...and there is a good selection of lens tinting. I gave them a 4 because the temples don't have a spring which helps them last longer for those of us who are rough with our glasses.
This was for my niece (9 years old) she loved it. It's a good size for a kid & not too big or sparkly. Right for her age.
Super cute! She hasn't worn it yet, but it's really cute, love the long sleeves & ruffles and the snaps for diaperchanges or ease of on off. That's something other suits don't have. It's competitively priced for a long sleeve SPF rashguard/swimsuit. I can't wait to see her in it this summer.
They're ok for pajamas. Look like gym shorts though. The fabric is a bit too thin, and they are not very flattering.

My boyfriend asked me to get him some sleep shorts for Christmas. I bought him 3 different brands, so he could decide which one he liked the most. Bought the MediumSoffe Men's Classic Cotton Pocket Short , the Comfort Soft Sleep Shorts by Hanes , and Nautica Mens Sultan Stripe Woven Short.

He liked the Nautica one better. It doesn't look like pjamas, but like lounge shorts. In fact, he has driven to the store a couple of times wearing them.The only thing I would change, is that it has buttons (like on boxers) on the front, which I don't think is the best fit for going to the store. Besides that, these shorts are of great quality. Not too thin, and not too thick where it is uncomfortable to sleep in. Great patterns to choose from, and decent to wear around guest. Gonna order some more for him. :)
I bought these bands to replace the little loop on my wifes Loopy phone case. I bought all of these wrist bands for a very small portion of what it would cost to replace the phone case.
My husband loves these briefs! They fit perfectly! He really likes the comfort waistband and the colors are nice too.
Wrangler Men's Authentics Utility Shorts are extremely comfortable cargo shorts that work well for everyday situations.

I'm 6'4" with a 35" waist. I received the 36" shorts because they don't make a 35" version. They fit just fine, but as expected, I had to wear a belt. If you're an in-between size, though, these shorts have an elastic band around the back. I wasn't able to try it, but in my case, I'm betting I would have been able to go down to the 34" size and the elastic band would have maintained a comfortable fit. I will say that these shorts are about 0.5 - 1 inch shorter in length than what I would have preferred for my size, but I can deal with it. The shorts definitely sit above my knee. I'm guessing these will be ideal for men in the 5'8 - 6'2" range as they should stop right at the knee, or right above it then.

I like the pockets on these shorts. The front pockets are maybe a tad shallow, but work ok. I do like the cargo pockets on each side. They both have a flap on them, but the flaps have a small fabric pull-tab positioned where the velcro square is, so it's very easy to open these pockets. Large cell phones rest well in those cargo pockets. The rear pockets are a good size for wallets. There is no flap for the rear pockets, just a single velcro square in the middle that prevents your wallet from falling out, but does not prevent you from fishing out your wallet quickly.

Overall, I recommend these very comfortable shorts for everyday use. The only caveat is that they are little short for guys over 6'2", but still wearable if you're 6'4" and under. The partially elastic waist also gives you some comfort when you select the size because it should give you around 0.5-0.75" extra waist freedom. All in all, they're nice shorts.
High quality buckle! Idk if I'd actually repel with this belt however the d ring and stitching do seem sturdy.
Thanks to diagrams which show many ways this can be worn, I got the mistaken impression I could use it as a mask. When you breathe, the material sucks right into your mouth, although less so when you have it covering your entire head. I'm sure it is useful to someone but to me they are expensive rags. It is isn't worth my trouble to return it.