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canvas dog pen

Came with a hole in it. This is nothing special, I got it for when I mow the lawn to help with the dust & everything. It'll do the job.
Gaps between the snaps let you get sunburn; my ears got fried. I had to sew it them shut. Could be much more effective if they'd add more snaps. It might also be better if they moved the closure snaps a little. It seems like they came up with the idea but didn't have anyone test them before mass production.
Love the look of these!
Great socks a must have if you dont want your socks to show... second time I purchase them about a year apart very durable socks
Amazing! Very warm and covers you whole face! Bought one for my brother who plays football and the rest of the fam to stay warm in the stand!
I bought the small size, since I have a 36" waist. That being said, I wish I'd ordered the large. This is because I would like to have the belt be double thickness all the way around my waist. The single layer just doesn't seem to resist stretching as much as I'd like. Also, I wish the belt was a little wider to help keep it from rolling over. This is also why I want it to be double layer all the way around, as it helps it not roll over. Otherwise, very good quality and works well.
(Edit) Recently bought larger version. Same issue as smaller one. Sizing not accurate!!!! I have a 36" waist and neither belt size fits me the way you'd think. Smaller belt should be almost all the way out, but isn't on me. Larger belt should be all the way tightened, but is extremely tight at this point, indicating the 40" spec isn't accurate.
Gave these as a gift and my friend loved them. They are really good quality for the price.
Ordered this belt for my husband who is a F/T mechanic. This belt is comfortable and durable. Size was exactly as said. I would purchase and refer again.
Cute bracelet, especially for the price.
These did not fit well for my face. I'm a male and have a full, wide face (to which these glasses were meant to accommodate), however, the lower edge of the frames uncomfortably rested on my cheeks. Perhaps this was partially due to the slight inward angle at the base of the frames wherein the frames slant towards the cheeks instead of parallel to the face.
She loves it! Just like the picture
I use the shirt for sports where I expect to perspire. The synthetic fabric wicks and doesn't hold the moisture.
This the most comfotable underwear I've ever worn Nice and snug where it should be.And they breathe too! Great briefs.
These used to be incredibly comfortable, my originals were wearing out so I bought some replacements, they aren't anywhere near as comfortable as the older ones.
I can't stand wearing them, I keep them for emergency-out -of-underwear- use only
I bought this so I can tie-dye bleach it and it DOES NOT BLEACH. I guess its a good thing, but I wanted it to. I did it twice and left it over night and NOTHING
They are great, comfortable and at a great price.
After two months the frame started to chip showing a silver color on black frame. Would not recommend, Very expensive sun glasses to last only two months.
Comfy, good shorts. Just wish the legs were more fitted.
Very small bought for my daughter for prom but she loves dainty jewelry it was perfect for her and great quality
Fits great in the shoulders but too baggy through the waist for my taste. Im 511 and 165
Very comfortable
Love the deal and Im always losing my stud earrings so this was a great buy
The cotton was to thin and it seem that they don't hang right. they felt so flimsy and cheap. I will stick with Kirtland T-shirt. I will donate them to the homeless.
mostly used as just every day active wear and lounging wear.
End piece gold rubbed off. Rest stayed
I've gotten one of these years ago from a military site and it was awesome quality and was adjustable. This product is not the same. The mouth can be pushed down a little but not undone which prevents you from rolling the whole hood down and having just the mask on your face.
Dope product
Exactly what we were looking for.
Cheap and polarized. comfortable to wear and appear to be holding up well after a couple of months.