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cloth pet carrier

I love the thick grippers for my 92 year old Dad.
Sturdy shirt and great for the money.
Too , too small. Fit for a teenager !
Great fit
I like everything
Love it. Exactly what I wanted for the summer
After reading many reviews and making many comparisons I decided to buy the Travelambo Slim Wallet. I cannot have been more pleased! First thing I noticed upon arrival was the packaging and product appeared to represent a quality far beyond the purchase price. I bought it to fit inside a money belt for a two week trip to Europe. Three credit cards fit easily into the slots and were very easy to remove when needed which was often. In addition I carried my drivers license and two medical insurance cards in the clear plastic backside slot that had a convenient center cutout for sliding the cards in and out if needed to. As I carried the Travelambo in my money belt and primarily used credit cards there was no need to load it with cash (cash was kept inside my money belt) but I did store a few large denomination bills in it if needed and it did not affect the ease of removing the credit cards from their slots. Overall a great quality product that I would highly recommend to everyone who travels. You can't go wrong with this as your choice.
It's Levi Strauss so what is there not to like
I have had the bag since May and it is now the end of July. I wanted to really try out the bag before I reviewed it.
I really like the bag. It works great for a travel bag. It can hold quite a bit of stuff. There are the two pockets with buckles on the front, two zippered pockets on the inside, and a zippered pocket on the outside back of the bag. Each zippered pocket is roomy and holds a lot. The lining is nice and the center divider of the purse is helpful to keep things organized. The front flap looks like it has to buckle closed, but there is a latch that holds it closed.

The leather is a beautiful brown and is going to age very well. The leather is a bit stiff still, but I know with use it will soften. I get lots of compliments when using it.
The seller takes pride in his work. There was a nice note included in with the bag, as well as a silk bag to store the bag in to keep dust off.

I have waist length hair and the buckle on the strap catches every once in a while. I knew that from reading others reviews. It would be great if the buckle were closer to the body of the bag. I was able to thread the strap through the plastic bag of items I purchased so I had hands free carrying. Another feature that would be helpful would be a short handle on top of the flap. When I pick up the bag from the seat next to me, I end up pinching the top of the bag before I can put the strap on. Those would be recommendations for the bag.

I would have given this five stars but for one problem. Other reviewers have mentioned the smell from the bag. My bag smells like tanned leather... most of the time. Every once in a while when I open it up is smells like the tanning process went wrong or something. I left the bag opened and the smell dissipated, but every now and then I get a whiff of that smell.
Overall I am pleased with my purchase and am thinking about getting the smaller matching bag for everyday use
Takes a while to break in stiff.. But sturdy and well made to date. Holds enough cards, etc.
This is even cuter in person! Great quality for a kids wallet. My daughter loved it!!!
You get what you pay for! But the quality is amazing! & they really stand out, look a lot more expensive than they were.
Great value!
Very nice
Halloween costume perfect
Too small for what I was looking for.
Great jeans just a little big. I just tried them on. I'm sure they'll fit a little better once they go through the washer n dryer..
It was smaller then I expected and the strap was to skinny and I didnt really like the way the front pocket looked.
I bought this for my sister for Christmas. She loved it, it was well made really pretty and fit her well.
Such a cute bag! Very lightweight and the quality is good. It sits perfectly on my hip and Im 54. It makes a great crossbody and surprisingly holds a lot but still doesnt feel too heavy . Perfect summer bag! Cant wait to bring it out on beaches & warm days as well.
Great deal! Love the color and the protection
I got this as a gift for my husband, he loved it .
My boyfriend really likes them
Durable AND comfortable. I've now worn and washed these 10x and they feel great and haven't stretched out or worn down at all. I'm buying more.
Well made. Great layout. Nice-looking.
Great looking sunglasses in the timeless avatior frames
Hat is nice but is missing 2019 pendant
Junk. Bought these two months ago and the amount of toe jam is insane. If I could sell toes jam these socks would make me rich.

If that wasn't bad enough two months in and they look like they've been blessed by the Pope they're so holey.
I got this as gift for my girlfriend. She really enjoyed the gift, especially since she goes to a school where the mascot is an owl.

The only downside was that the necklace was not very rigid. It was also only attached to the ring on the few points, but if it got caught on something the wrong way, it felt like it could bend or break. But after testing it out, it seemed like it would hold up on most occasions, so I wouldn't worry tooo much