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Just run of the mill, cheapo sunglasses. Not worth over $5. Paid $15. They are polarized (but not linearly). Too much pariphial distortion. They just feel cheapo. Again, there are nearly identical polarized specs at Wallyworld and flea markets for a third of the price of these. Would give 4 stars if price was $5, or 3 for 15, as is the local pricing for this quality. You do get a case with these, but they are not worth the trouble of storing in a case.
This is a must buy.
I really love this hoodie!

I bought it for work but now I want one for casual wear. Fabric is very soft and so comfortable. Fits well and looks great!! I have a lot of hoodies and this one is as good as any name brand.
Very comfortable and breathable
Nice fit
wife is happy, great price
Really good fit and materials
Where to start? I liked them a lot however one of the earpiece started getting loose, I tried to tie it up however it was impossible. Now I don't have glasses at all, I always had them on their case I was very careful with them. If you are looking for something cheap just for couple of months, you can get them but if you want something that last longer I will recommend something else.
I have had these jeans for three months now and the belt loops are coming loose. I do not wear these jeans but once every two weeks. This is spotty workmanship. In the past my jeans would last a year or two. I will not be buying these jeans again.
Lightweight and small size not bulky
Perfect fit and very comfortable
Nice, comfortable, standard boxers. I am a satisfied customer.
It's a beautiful & trendy purse for teenagers!
I love it .. I have gone through 4 or 5 face masks and all have restricted my breathing or fogged up my sunglasses at one time or another.

The smooth material makes it very comfortable to slip over my mouth and nose when needed and does a much better job than traditional face masks.
I have ordered the superstar and have gotten the meow I shouldnt have gotten a bigger size anyways
Excellent packaging and product!
These are big American sized pants. Order accordingly....
Nice, bright and just like Hanes.
It's kind of very fragile and plastic like. I least expected such a poor quality
The t-shirts are great they're perfect. They fit. The only problem was I got a different color than what I ordered. But they're cool colors so I kept them
I thought they looked a little long. But my husband loved them just the way they are. I bought them for him for Fathers Day. And if he is happy, so am I !
Works Great, Looks Great, Fits Great!!!
So far these are great. Fit is good they wash up nice and do a decent job of keeping the sweat out of my eyes.
My glasses fall out of them after a while.
THEY ARE SOMEWHAT SMALL BECAUSE I ORDERED men socks but I received ladies socks.Kept them anyway.
nice shirt great fit
Beautiful satchel. Gave it my daughter for christmas.
Falls apart after a few washes gets holes in them after first wash