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turn dog picture into art

This is my second jacket. The first went missimg with a friend. I use it as a fall riding jacket. Perfect!
I am 61 250lbs and these things are huge on me. The rise is all wrong and my junk rubs against my leg all day. Other than that, great product.
These socks are great and keep the feet cool.
Great, secure packaging and superior fit/style.
This wallet is exactly as described. It has lots of little places to put cards and cash and a zippered pocket for coins. I like the outside flap for my frequently used cards and ID. Great purchase for me!
Im 54 and weigh 130. I chose the medium and they were pretty tight, I should have gone with the large.
Has nice soft outside seam, however Inside the waist is a zigzag pattern that is abrasive on the skin, I found if I wear them inside out they are comfortable. Either that or tuck your shirt under so the abrasion does not bother you. It's like they are designed to look soft.....
Love this wallet. i have always carried my wallet in my front pocket since getting pick pocketed on Bourbon Street years ago. This wallet handles 3 bank cards, drivers license, 4 business cards, and cash and is not bulk at all. Sometimes I think I lost my wallet while carrying it and have to check my pocket!
Broke in a day. Not even worth a dollar. Horrible quality. they all broke and i lost a few so i couldnt even return.
Very pleased . Fit is just right
Overseas trip
Works great for hand bag or carryall
Beautiful and there are directions on how to care for them
Thie watch is suitable for children to wear.
my hubby loved this. he thought it was a cute little key ring for dads who want to show off like that.
Lets start with first impressions. The box it comes in (not the amazon shipping box) is extremely nice and presents itself as high quality, perfection and class. Open the box and you find the belt wrapped neatly in a protective sleeve. Slide the sleeve off, unroll the belt and trim to size. Directions are included but its simple. Only need scissors. The belt buckle is top notch. No imperfections in the leather or belt buckle. Simple design. Very sturdy.
I just got my hoodie today and it fits and feels great. I got the red hoodie it was $11 it's worth every penny. I'm 200lb 5ft 11' tall and it fits perfectly. Did I mention it also looks great?
everyday use and holds all my stuff
Broke the first day. Amazon refunded us thankfully.
These fit perfectly on me and I'm a girl. My favorite pair.
I love this bag! Very good materials and very well made! I love all the different ways to wear this bag, just with the backpack straps were removable.
I love this product,Highly recommend
Always have liked the fit ,comfort ,color ranges and prices of Fruit of the Loom products.
Just got these and tried them on. The material feels good the skin and is very comfortable. The seem like they will hold up well longer term. So far, so good and would recommend them.
Have ordered several pairs, they are fantastic quality, a little big for a womans face but they are a great quality pair of glasses.
Fit and feel great 1 pair was ripped in the crotch area.
Something different in a belt. I like it.