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pop a pet

very good..great price...works great
Simple yet classy
These are nice and comfortable on the shoulder and is a strong stretch material. I definitely recommend.
It's a nice wallet, a bit bigger than my expectation. But it carries all my cards, and still has empty card slots. I like its design of coins/cash compartment which is big and I keep all my cash there. So I can access my cash conveniently without the need to unbuckle it. It is big that I sometimes just carry it for a quick trip like busing my kid to school, or quick drop by to a grocery store without using hand bag. I didn't do that with my previous wallet because of its smaller size, feeling might lose it.
I love it. Very comfortable and warm . Im 63 190 pounds and size XL fits perfectly .
LOVE this purse! It's a little dainty in size but it's great for nights out!
The case was well built, sturdy yet not as bulky as previous ones I've owned.
Broke first day I wore them
Looks great on me. I love it.
I wanted to like these glasses, they were a gift ......So, I have worn these for about a month now.
Pros: They come with a nice case. I like the polarization and color.
Cons: I dont like that the arms bend over your ears and against your head too tightly and cause headaches. The arms are metal so you can bend them, but it isnt helping. The rubber tabs at the end of the arms pull my hair out everytime I take the glasses off. If I continue to wear them I will be bald above my ears by the end of this year. No way of adjusting where they sit on the bridge of your nose, so the bottom of the glasses rest ontop of my cheek bone, causing sweat blisters below my eyes on hot days.
By far these are my least favorite pair of glasses I have ever owned. Im better off trying them out at a store. Not a good online purchase.
The most comfortable socks I have ever worn.
Good quality, like that the buckle is black
Awesome belt will never go back to the older styles.
This wallet is very portable. Great leather and the color is exactly as shown. Will recommend for purchase.
This product helps mold my shape as I lose weight. It keeps everything from sagging and hold it together so as I lose the weight nothings hanging.
I like the glasses, the fitting and quality is ok too. I'm just sure they are worth over $100?
The black leather belt stained my pants. Im not sure if thats normal but I wouldnt buy the belt again.
As advertised. Fits perfectly!
Really nice wallet. Durable, thin, high quality.
They are comfortable and work great for running.
Nice Socks For the price! They are a perfect medium weight sock. Regular Fruit of the loom socks are really thin and wear out extremely fast. These Made in USA socks are excellent!
Just what I needed to replace a delicate chain that broke
This wallet damaged my Metrocard even though I followed the instructions to store it safely in one of the slots. DO NOT BUY THIS if you plan on storing credit cards or MetroCards or anything with a magnetic strip.
They are very breathable
Was supposed to arrive in two days. Took three. Anyway, it came in package as pictured. No frills or tricks. Simple instructions and viola! A clever little belt. Works as advertised. Too soon to comment on durability, but will update. If you're interest was piqued by TV ads, go ahead and jump in. You won't be disappointed. It is exactly as advertised, imo. Good, durable, metal buckle and genuine leather belt. The "locking track" inside belt is plastic, but securely in place. One thing though!!!! Me, personally, I could do w/o the clicking sound made when securing belt (minor I know): makes it sound cheap or "gadgety".
Everything you would want it to be. Great price and service.
Great size and comfy thanks
Awful quality. Does not have a shape to it at all. Do not buy this hat.