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custom canvas art

Very pleased with this bracelet! I love the big charms that kinda popular lately and you can choose the initial that you like. It's very casual and will matching with any color of your clothes.
You can adjust the wrist size but this kind of bracelet supposed to be kinda oversize looking not tight in your arm.
Highly recommend!
It arrived fast and it's super cute. I love this purse.
Comfortable, durable, light weight and perfect length
My son wears these all the time.
My husband loves it!!! Best wallet hes ever had!
Nice socks but...after a couple of washes, they are too small and will not stay up on my heel. My foot is size 11.5
I am 172 lbs and normally wear a large but since the reviews say to order up, I got an XL. Big mistake as XL is too big which indicates that some reviewers are in denial :-) I traded it with the large and now it fits perfectly.
This purse is GORGEOUS and so well made. I think it will only get more and more beautiful as it ages and softens. That being said, right now, the leather smell, which I normally love, is very, very overpowering. Lol. Ive been using the bag for about 3 weeks and its still very strong. Ive tried Febreeze and baking soda, but its still so strong. I know it will fade, and I wouldnt trade this bag, but beware. Its totally worth it to me to wait it out. This bag will last forever. I cannot believe the detail on this bag, especially for the price. I LOVE this bag!
Pants shrink a little in the wash for us tall people
Finally a quality undershirt... switched free m Hanes and fruit of the loom... I guess you get what you pay for...
Great value
As advertised
Great bag just the right size I bought 2, two different colors.
I like it very much
They are light, comfortable and float. Exactly as advertised.
comfortable and looks good after one season of golf
I like it
Qood quality and ships fast!
Love these glasses. Very light weight. Had been wearing a pair of Oakley holbrooks and now they feel super heavy and clunky.
Amazingly cool sunglasses! Looks cool and is perfectly tinted! 10/10
Decent wallet, however, the ID slot is a little loose and my licence occasionally slides out. This is a bit concerning as my licence is the last of my cards I'd ever want to lose.
These shorts fit weird. I'm an athletic build and I can usually wear any brand but this pair of shorts almost feels like they're on backwards even though they aren't. Believe me I checked to make sure they were on the right way several times because they felt so awkward.
The fabric on this shirt is really nice. It has a slight ribbed texture to it and is tight around the arms. I really dislike polo shirts with floppy collars that need to be ironed or have a tendency to curl. This is a heavier and nicer fabric, so there is no issue there. It's also a nice enough fabric to not fade, which is generally a problem with black shirts. Very good quality and a very nice fit for average build.
He loved them and were a perfect fit he wears a large and we got a large.
These earrings a super cute. Nice quality and great size. My daughter and I will be sharing these; if I can get them back from her.
Very happy with this. Its thick, but not overly thick. Its definitely not thin. Its like a normal hoodie you would pick up at Walmart. Its hard to gauge these things when you buy them online because sometimes pics are misleading, but this works just fine.
Fits well and is very cute
loves these! so cute and comfortable
arrived late and damaged