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Wanted a really simple jogger sweat-pant that fit as most American brands do, and this fits the bill. I normally wear 36x32 pants and a Large was perfect for me. Material isn't anything fancy - classic sweatpant material that feels like it will be durable and break-in well over time. I'll adjust my review if I have any issues, but they fit great and are cut like most jogger style pants that are leg-tight all the way down with a 1+ inch cuff at the bottom that isn't too tight and has a nice look to it.
Good for outdoor activities and pretty comfortsble to wear and easy to wear in the hot thanks to the clothing fabric they used. But do not carry lots in the pockets as it is somewhat loosened.
Great socks at a great price
This is the first time that I have worn suspenders. I feel that they are OK, but I was expecting them to be much better at holding the pants up.
If I have anything in my pocket that is rather heavy the suspenders pull on my shoulders & sag anyway.
Needed to replace my fading jeans I wore to work with a fresh pair. My Wife was complaining :)
Did not fit as expected
Works just as described
Perfect for when you want to carry a smaller bag.
Very soft and stretchy. I only use them as undershirts for my dress shirts and they have done the job well.
They are ok
Really like these..Wear them overtime I drive during the day..
I use this for yardwork in FL. the fact that the top is vented and the brim is large enough to keep the sun off my face make it a GREAT addition to my yard work wardrobe
Got these for my motorcycle. Packs easily into the sissy bar bag. Very light and breathable, but shocklingly water resistant.
Wow, talk about bad sizing. These were DEFINITELY not size 40. We need to get the clothing industry on the same page. This whole, "This company's size 36 is not the same as the other company's size 36", is NOT working.
Satisfied Customer
Not a fan of the style, if thats the word for it. The front and back pockets are cool, but the inside is held together by an elastic so its literally just a sleeve. Its true to its name as a card sleeve but I wouldnt label this a wallet. Id say the best way to describe this like a leather money clip, for your cards/IDs. It doesnt give me the same security as a wallet would, but if only thinking of it as a card sleeve, and if I were only using it like as a work ID/badge thing, maybe thatd be more use to me. But for a everyday/regular use kinda thing, its not my cup of tea. One pocket-sleeve is open at both ends, and the other opens just a sliver since its held by the elastic. Theres a very small actual pocket between the sliver and the sleeve, but its very small and narrow. The card sleeve as a whole is pretty small, so if you normally carry around a lot of cards and IDs and whatnot youd have to downsize by a lot. All & all. It feels like a nice quality, it just isnt for me.
great hat and high quality
Have hats of the same make at the same size (L), this one is way smaller than those.. i had to give it to a kid!! Very dissapointed
Very cheap and plastic looking. Graphics are not clear and quite blurry
Lightweight & easy to carry. It is a little smaller than I pictured & its a tight fit for my phone & my small wallet.?
Too short
Ignore the reviews that this is fake, it is most definitely real carbon fiber. I went to an upscale mall looking for a carbon fiber or some other kind of sleek money clip, or minimalist front pocket wallet, and was willing to spend some money as I will hold onto these things for many year. prices ranged from $65-$300. Forget about the $300 Montblanc clip, it was beautiful but still a little bulkier than I wanted, and Im not paying $300. I was most tempted to purchase an M clip, but frankly, the sliding openers add quite a bit of bulk to the clip, just not what I was looking for. There was a Tumi clip for $65, the dimensions were right but it was a little stodgy looking somehow, and I didnt like the big logo on it. One nice thing about getting older is Im able to better resist impulses, and was able to leave the mall empty-handed when I didnt find the right choice. Spent a few minutes on Amazon, and found this clip, and not only was it a fraction of the price of any of the other clips, it is more comfortable, and quite likely more durable. Metal is just not as resilient as this material, and since my cash capacity can vary from flat broke to stripper on Sunday morning, that was a factor in my decision. The straight metal clips were all very tight to begin with, the m-clip was easiest to get money in but again, thats at the cost of the most bulk. I Currently have four cards and 14 bills in this carbon fiber clip, and its not maxed out, snaps right back into shape. Ill report back if my opinion changes but based on many of the other reviews i think thats doubtful.
They really dont fit well. I got the correct size but they are too big and also I have about the same colors. Okay to buy but for me its not worth it
Great hat----Bought this as a second color to one I already have. Really effective for wicking away moisture. Use it for walking/running in the summer months
It was cute and comfy and my 14 year old loved it BUT it ripped apart in the first wash. It came out of the dryer in three pieces (band ripped at the clasps)
My husband loves these shirts. They are a nice weight. Not too heavy, but not too thin. Perfect for layering.
These are great shorts. In particular the pockets are large and well made, so I don't expect my keys to punch a hole in them. The only thing that I didn't like, and it's a personal choice, was the Velcro closures on the back pockets. It made it difficult to quickly get at things in the back pockets. However, a sharp thread cutter removed the Velcro patches, so now they are perfect.
It srrived on time and is wrapped and waiting for Christmas morning. It will make one little hirl smile.
Really pretty!
I really like this products. The only thing that would make it better is if it had a pocket on the outside for my cellphone.