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4 small canvas painting ideas

Belt worked out very well nice and tight and holds the grip. Came long enough and can be cut down to the size you want.
I bought these for my outdoorsy husband who is a bit on the heavy side. I thought these might be easier for him to use than the normal suspenders. He admits they are easier to put on, however, I keep finding the sides of his pants that aren't being supported by a strap (front and back) hanging down too far so it just looks and apparently feels weird, according to my husband. I don't think they are comfortable for my husband as he keeps telling me he feels like his pants are going to fall down over his bottom, but he knows they aren't because of the straps holding them up on the sides.
The two things we do like about these hold up suspenders is the clip that holds them in place and how easy it is to adjust the tightness of the straps. I would love to purchase these if they came with four straps like regular suspenders.
This is a great everyday bag. There are enough zippers and pockets to keep things as separated/organized as you wanted, but it also boasts a large main compartment for items you do not mind co-mingling. I can find my keys super easily by keeping them in one of the front pockets, and I can always reach my phone in time because it is also in a front pocket. When I need it, I can put my camera in one of the side pockets. My iPad fits great in the main compartment with plenty of room for other things. The bag is light and easy to carry around, even when filled with stuff, and the strap is wide enough that it doesn't cut into my shoulder. Highly recommended.
Wear a 13 size shoe, so standard socks in store were always just a bit too small. These are definitely larger, would fit well someone with bigger feet than me. Much easier to get on and off than standard size too, no fighting to fit my foot into the sock..Seem very well made. Hopefully these will not fail as fast compared to standard size socks which constantly rip from stretching too much. Likely will purchase more soon.
Purchased for granddaughter for 16th birthday
This wallet was everything that I expected!
Material is a little scratchy. Hoping it will soften with washing.
So far so good. Wish they came with extra buckel option. My husband wears it 4 days a week when playing golf. Even when we have to order another set the cost is certainly manageable:)
This wallet is great!!
First thing to recommend, do some research for correct size. I work on classic cars, and buckles are an issue. This resolves that. I did have an issue were it would not stay hooked, but after bending a slight curve in the hooking end, problem solved.
Excelente producto
My wife really loves this hat.
Nothing special- was a good product
This was my second time to buy this since the first one broke in 2 weeks. This one; however, broke in 3 days. Lesson learned.
Jeans...as close to 2000 quality as i have found yet...but still looks like they will not (1-3 years tops) be able to last as long as my older jeans have. I gave it a moderately high score because i am finding it hard to find quality jeans that are not unwashed denim, or make you look like your a 10 years old cowboy.
My son loves these, no problems... He has had them for a few weeks now... He also loves the case it came with.
not bad for the price
Its a horrible fit for any head size
Nice Fit.
Very nice. Bought for my daughters graduation of the nursing program. She loves it.
Who needs overpriced calvin klein boxers when these are available? No one that's who!
El tarjetero tiene un tamao excelente no es grande ni pequeo, simplemente del tamao de una tarjeta, ligero, no se siente en los bolsillos traseros cuando te sientas en un vehculo y no se dobla. El nico problema es que el clip para sostener billetes si le pones mas de 5 billetes puede deformarse y ya no ser tan fuerte, asi que recomiendo que no se enganchen mas de 3 billetes doblados para que mantenga su fuerza.
I bought one size larger than i needed and am glad that i did, they fit perfect after washing and drying...awesome fit and extremely comfortable...
Does its job I bet, but way too small. Too tight for me to wear comfortably.
Absolutely beautiful! It has plenty of space & the design is pretty! It has a little pocket with a zipper on the outside. An adorable chain also on the outside. It has one little zip pocket & three open pockets on the inside and a big zipper to close the bag. It came with a mini wallet-thingy. Everything about the bag is great EXCEPT for the strong smell that the bag has. But a little perfume will make that go away. I absolutely love it and definitely recommend.
These glasses work great at night! Makes it easier to see on the road at night, especially when people have their bright lights shining in your face. The glasses come in a lightweight case that protects them well and the glasses are light too!
I have been buying fruit of the loom products since I was a child. Most are good quality, and real value, however this last purchase was very disapointing, after 1 wash some of the shirts got unstitched in the neck, and other shirts unstitched in the under arm.
I am very disapointed.
Got them today. Great look, great feel very clear lens.
The bag is nice and cute but when it got here the box was wide one and it looked as though it had been ran over. Im actually surprised the bag wasnt damaged.