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I just purchased a second pair! These glasses are wonderful: nice weight - durable plastic - and awesome polarized lenses. I live in the Middle East and the sun glare here just blinds you - These Polarspex's sunglasses do an amazing job - I have been wearing their 'smoke' lenses for over 18 months now and they so add to my quality of life. Thank you Polarspex for a quality product at an affordable price!
balls sit perfect in them
Good socks
Excellent shirts. Good fit and material. Will be buying more. Definitely recommend
Is a good sunglasses
Great product!
These are nicely packaged and suitable for gift giving. They're starched and neatly folded. Stitching seams adequate.
Downside: They are thin and made in China.
Like the item I used it as a keychain
This leather belt is made out of Quality leather. Fits perfectly looks great with dress Pants & Jeans and does a great job at holding either one up.
i had to return it due to the clasp breaking after the first time i used it.
Loved it all, just the perfect size.
Good quality
Perfect for St Patrick day...
These sunglasses are ultra light and comfortable. I also love their flexibility and the rubber grips on the nose and sides (no slipping). They're great for sports (specifically tennis) but don't look out of place with regular clothing, either.
Great fabric and fit amazing
Wanted a ball style cap with no advertising or product logo. It is constructed sufficient whereas MLB authorized brands may be constructed a little thicker but I am content.

^^who the heck are you and how did you get access to my account?
I gave four stars but they are a bit too big on me, and there's not a smaller size available. I'm a 6 in women's so just know they will be a bit too big.

They definitely keep my feet warmer which is a plus. I bought them for my circulation at night and wore them for a while, I do think they helped some but nothing drastic. I think the tall socks are best to increase circulation.
Not as roomy in the crotch but quality and length are good.
Good look, clear view, great price!
These were exactly as I expected and wanted. Something casual to put on first thing in the morning. Wrinkle proof and cool.
great fit, very durable fabric. Hold shape, quality product! Come out of wash looking good.
These were at least twice as large as I'd expected, so they're a bit much for everyday wear, but fun as an inexpensive statement piece
This is a great purse. Love all the pockets and it is a great size for me. My only criticism would be that the zipper pulls that are tassels weren't cut very even so the ends are "ragged" looking. But otherwise the quality and style are great!
Great fit, very good looking jeans. The Name" Wrangler" has always been synonamous with Quality.
He loves it
I have had it for a few months and it is still like new. Great bag.
This little credit card wallet keeps me organized and protected. I've never had the cards fall out or be too difficult to remove. I bought this almost a year ago and keep 13-15 cards (credit, library, license, medical etc.) and the only thing I have to be careful of is that the money clip, which I also like, has kind of sharp edges that could scratch my phone or sunglasses. In short, I love it.
Fits as expected!
fit well