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puppy dog carriers

60th Birthday Presents Worthy Of A Celebration

There are some things worth celebrating and turning 60 is one of them. That said, what on earth do you buy the person who has everything?

And if they don't have everything, what 60th birthday presents can you gift that will make their eyes shine bright?

Here are a few ideas that will add joy and meaning to what has already been a rich and full life.

60th Birthday Presents -

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

Celebrate in style with a professional photo board you can mount on the 60th party table for the lady of the moment.

Gather together new and old photos of major milestones and wonderful adventures. 

Include a few of the kids, the grandkids and, of course, those important moments she's enjoyed with her husband - getting married, travelling somewhere amazing or simply the happy couple enjoying each other's company.

Be sure to dig around the old photo albums and scan in a high resolution copy of the photo.

If you're not sure how to do this, ask a family member - someone will be able to help.

Once all the photos are digital, create your own balloon collage using this delightful party template from our Silhouette range. 

The wonderful thing about this gift is that it doubles as a keepsake.

After the party, she can find the best place in house to hang it permanently - a treasured reminder of what's important.

60th Birthday Presents - Photo Board

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

As above, gather together photos from your husband's or father's life. Use our CanvasApp to upload them into the five frames.

For the sixth frame, create a fun personalized message to give the print a sense of occasion.

If you know a graphic designer, you can ask them to create something for you or you can DIY an image using Canva.

60th Birthday Presents - Photo Board
60th Birthday Presents - Themed Canvas

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

This is a gift that will tug at her heartstrings, but lift her spirits all at the same time. And isn't that what a 60th gift should do?

Mom is your rock. She's always there for you and her grandchildren - for chats on the phone, moral support and babysitting duties.

This particular gift idea is about that special relationship that the three generations of girls have together.

A photo of three generations always makes for a magical moment doesn't it? Well, print that photo to canvas and truly celebrate that wonder!

That said, you include any photo you like.

Been blessed with boys? Include photos of Nanna with her grandsons.

A single Dad? Include photos of your strong family unit supporting each other.

It's simply about honoring your Mother's role in your life - her strength, her positivity, her grace.

Read the words on the themed canvas. Let them sink in.

It's about honoring love.

She's bound to treasure this 60th birthday gift for many years to come.

60th Birthday Presents - Split Image Metal Print

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

He loves to fish. In fact, it's his favorite thing to do. But that doesn't mean his 60th birthday has to be full of new tackle, new lures or a "I'd rather be fishing" bumper sticker.

Impress Dad with this amazing split metal print. Transform that sunset photo of him fishing on the beach to a stunning work of art.

He can hang it in his man cave, sure, but Mom may even let him hang this one in the living room.

60th Birthday Presents - Split Image Metal Print
60th Birthday Presents - Modish Collage

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

Personalized canvas collages look priceless, but they're actually quite affordable.

In fact, this collage - despite having five photo frames - is the same price as a single print.

Get the kids together for a photo shoot (professional or DIY) then get them to help lay out the collage online.

Our CanvasApp is very easy to use and a lot of fun, so it's a great family craft activity.

Most importantly, your Mom and Dad will love it.

60th Birthday Presents - Pet Print

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

Whether his best mate is still by his side or passed on, this pet themed canvas speaks to the heart of that very special bond.

By age 60, animal lovers have often had a number of pets.

This collage has five photo frames to fill, so you might even like to put together all the different animal friends he's been blessed with over the years.

60th Birthday Presents - Pet Print
60th Birthday Presents - Pattern Art

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

It's never too late to get Mom on board with the latest interior design trends. In fact, once you gift her a new art canvas, it's likely she'll be back visiting our site to purchase more.

This stunning yellow pattern print is from our Egyptian collection, but we have artwork to cater to a range of different tastes: Landscapes, Nature, Retro, Abstract, Contemporary, Japanese, Aborginal ...

With over 25 million images in the library to choose from, the only problem you'll have is deciding on which one to print!

Pattern art has a fabulous way of adding color and life to a room, making it one of the most fashionable styles in interior design today.

60th Birthday Presents - Metal print

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

You took the leap together to get some couples portraits done.

His 60th is a perfect excuse to invest in something special - a brushed aluminum print.

There's something about metal that screams 'LUXURY'.

It's not only because it's a high quality, robust material but it has a certain style - a je ne sais quois.

60th Birthday Presents - Metal print
60th Birthday Presents - Travel Canvas

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

This collage features a generous five frames, so there are two ways you can create this 60th gift.

1. Ask your friend to tell you their favorite trip of all time - and include photos from that trip. 

2. Include photos from a number of different trips they've taken.

Unless you're the one who's been lucky enough to attend all these wonderful holidays as well, it may take some scheming to get hold of the photos.

But it's well worth the effort.

This example we've put together of a cruise through the Greek Islands is simply magical, but travel photos are some of the most exciting photos in people's albums.

So try to rustle through old albums, raid digital photos and scour their Facebook page (if they have one!).

Reliving the travel adventures of a lifetime at age 60 is a wonderful reminder that there are many more to come.

And with retirement just around the corner, it's just the beginning.

60th Birthday Presents - Traditional Canvas

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

Get the girls together for a 60th gift that honors friendship.

Perhaps you're all part of a sewing club, bridge club or book club.

No matter, the fact is you've been through everything together - births, deaths, marriages, divorces.

You are all the glue.

Ask each of her friends to submit a photo that conveys a precious moment spent together with the birthday girl. 

The trick is to keep it upbeat, so suggest to the group that they use only photos where everyone's having a great time together - think 'big smiles'.

Once you've collected all the photos and converted them to digital images, you can start designing your collage.

This collage is from our 'traditional' collection, but we've spiced it up with a personalized message in the center.

Love it? You can create your own floral image using Canva, an amazing tool that means anyone can be a graphic designer!

Once you've created that image, download it as 'PDF: For Print' then save it as a JPG or PNG and upload it onto Canvas Factory's Canvas App.

60th Birthday Presents - Traditional Canvas
60th Birthday Presents - Golf Print

puppy dog carriers

puppy dog carriers

The four of you - the golf buddies - are inseparable. The only difference between golfing now and back then is that you all much prefer getting around on a golf buggy.

If one of you is a hobby photographer (or photo pro!), take some shots the next time you're out on a golf game.

The man of the moment wouldn't have a clue what you're scheming.

Place those photos in a modish collage then create your pun using Canva.

You think the pun we've chosen is droll? Here's some more:

- It takes a lot of balls to golf like me.

- They call it golf because the other four letter words were taken.

- My doctor told me to take my iron everyday and to live on greens.

- Birthdays are like golf … much more fun if you don’t keep count.

- Don’t play too much golf. Two rounds a day are plenty.

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